Veterinary wellness plans are a great way for practices to establish recurring revenue streams, while offering their clients affordable plans for sometimes costly services. Rather than using a third party for wellness plans, AVImark offers the capability to use your own codes, and setup, track and report revenue that is generated from wellness plans directly through your own software.

Wellness plans in AVImark allow you to create a group of services to be available to your clients over an extended period of time, alternate codes and multiple quantities of codes are included. With AVImark wellness plans, your clients have the ability to cancel or upgrade their plans at any time, and even receive discounts on additional services outside of their wellness plan, if you choose. The reporting abilities give you visibility to revenue generated by wellness plans, outstanding services, and wellness plan expiration dates.

Clients also have the ability to auto-renew their wellness plans if they choose, which will renew their services and restart their payments. Benefits from wellness plans range from client loyalty to recurring revenue. It is not uncommon for a client not to use all services contained in a wellness plan, but to renew the wellness plan because they feel a sense of security knowing if services are needed, their pets are covered, which only increases revenue for the practice and peace of mind for their clients.