The knowledge to get the most from your software investment.

Most veterinary practices only use about 20% of their practice management software. Think about how many features you really use on a daily basis. Then, think about how much money you could save in efficiencies gained by using more of AVImark. Some practices are saving $3,000, $5,000, and even $10,000 per year by using AVImark to automate manual, administrative tasks. That frees up staff members to spend more meaningful time with clients and patients.  And it helps them enjoy their jobs.

To help you reach that goal, we’ve created a customized training program designed to help your staff members grow their AVImark utilization from 20% to 40%, 60%, and higher.

The program offers a tiered approach to training, moving from Essentials (Beginning Level) to Enhanced (Intermediate Level) to Elite (Advanced Level). At the end of each level, you will have achieved specific skills and implemented new AVImark features into your practice.

This new program gives you:

  1. A usage analysis and consultation.
  2. An AVImark specialist to help create a custom training roadmap and timeline.
  3. An AVImark training consultant to help you complete your training, review, practice, and implementation. (Onsite training can be purchased for additional cost.)



Designed for beginning AVImark users, this tier focuses on core AVImark functionality like adding and working with clients and patients, creating appointments, entering data into the patient medical history, invoicing customers, formatting default setup values, and much more.

At the completion of this tier, you will be able to manage billing and basic AVImark setup, create invoices, prompt for a next appointment, work with patient charts and much more.


Designed for intermediate users, this tier teaches advanced features to help gain efficiency and productivity. You’ll learn how to create and work with estimates and treatment plans, call back lists, end-of-period financial reports, inventory tracking, boarding, communicating through the Whiteboard, drug labels, refills, and much more. You’ll also receive profitability coaching and a compliance analysis to ensure successful implementation.


Designed for power users, this tier teaches the most advanced features of AVImark for optimum efficiency, performance, communication and profitability. Your clinic can be completely paperless by this stage! Learn to utilize more advanced features of AVImark including purchase orders, fully incorporated medical condition records, diagnosis lists, advanced whiteboard, integrated lab, medical record note entry, work lists, and auditing.

At the completion of this tier, you’ll also be able to track tasks and workflows through whiteboard, complete full financial reporting and tracking, manage inventory control, implement wellness plans, set up reminders to drive compliance, and much more.

(Individual training sessions can also be purchased.)

For an analysis of your AVImark usage, or to learn more about this new program, please contact the AVImark Training Department.

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AVImark Online Academy

Access training programs anywhere, anytime!

Well-trained staff waste less time, money and resources and produce higher quality work. The benefits of staff training extend to everyone in your practice … team members, clients, and patients!

The NEW AVImark Online Academy sharpens the skills of your staff with high-definition videos, interactive training simulators, review questions and testing to ensure your staff is mastering each program you assign.

AVImark Online Academy is simple, flexible and measureable. Affordable monthly and annual billing plans are available with no contracts, no setup fees and no cancelation fees. Empower your staff while increasing productivity and boosting revenue. You, your patients and your clients will all reap the benefits!

AVImark Online Academy includes:

  • More than 750 videos with quizzes and tests, including 40+ hands-on assessment videos
  • Relevant content for each position in the practice, from owner to receptionist.
  • User accounts for up to 20 staff members, to learn at their own pace.
  • Software training for both novice and power users, to keep staff up to speed on the latest AVImark additions.
  • Additional modules on important topics such as safety training, communication skills, and customer service.
  • Built-in testing, certification, reporting and progress tracking

Find out more about your training options and pricing packages.

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