Rapport Online Scheduling

Schedule more appointments... without answering the phone.

Scheduling appointments takes about 3 to 5 minutes per appointment. Multiply that by the number of appointments you schedule each day, and this “quick task” morphs into a time-consuming project for front office staff.

Now you have the ability to schedule more appointments, without answering the phone, even after hours. With Rapport’s online scheduling, you set up the time slots you have available for client appointments, and clients select the appointment time that best suits their schedule.

Rapport records the appointments in your AVImark calendar, notifies you of activity, and automatically sends text or email confirmations to your clients.

Our clients really like online scheduling. It’s been a huge hit! And we spend less time on the phone.

Chris Callahan, Stonebrook Veterinary Clinic, Frisco, TX

Schedule appointments anytime, from anywhere.

With your busy schedule, wouldn’t it be great to schedule appointments or send messages to clients anytime, from anywhere? Rapport’s mobile app brings the conveniences of Rapport right to your smartphone.

Your staff spends less time responding to phone calls, voicemails and e-mails from clients looking to book or change their appointments, and more time focusing on the clients in front of them.

View your appointment calendar, look up client information, schedule appointments, and even send messages to one or all of your clients. (This is particularly useful to cancel and reschedule a day’s worth of appointments all at once, due to emergency closings.)

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Establishing Rapport with your clients can increase practice efficiency, improve patient care, enhance practice image, and ultimately boost the flow of clients into your practice.

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