Rapport Messaging

Makes client correspondence convenient and effective.

Appointment no-shows and cancellations can negatively impact your practice revenue and cause inefficiencies in office staffing and overall operational performance. Rapport allows you to set up automated reminders via email, text, and phone call, depending on your preferences. Clients can respond to you in the way that is most convenient to them, and their responses automatically update your AVImark software.

Rapport’s automated messaging helps:

  • Free up staff time with automated appointment reminders tailored to your client’s preferred method of contact. When clients respond, your AVImark software is automatically updated.
  • Reduce no shows by 50% by allowing pet owners to easily confirm their appointment time, automatically syncing the appointment into your AVImark appointment calendar.
  • Increase compliance and boost your client relationships with easy-to-use templates that are personalized for pet owners and their pets.

“Our front desk staff used to make 80 confirmation calls a day. With Rapport’s two-way email and text reminders, that number has dropped by 70% to 80%.”

Mary Weeks, Creekside Pet Care Center, Keller, TX

Connect with your clients in the method they prefer.

For even better results, combine our text, email, and voice messages with Rapport’s high-quality postcard reminders for an effective multi-media approach. Automated postcards are easy to send through Rapport, yet when combined with automated text and email reminders, can double compliance.

Reach your clients via the methods they prefer:

  • Easily send automated appointment reminders via email, text message, voicemail and direct mail.
  • Set up automated “Welcome” messages and “Thank You” messages with satisfaction surveys and social media shortcuts.
  • Send messages to individual clients, right from the AVImark Client Information Display or the Rapport mobile application.
  • Take advantage of Rapport’s automated marketing campaigns.
  • Set up birthday messages, health care and medication reminders, and other seasonal or educational messages to keep clients informed.
  • Measure results with compliance reports and campaign analytics.

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Establishing Rapport with your clients can increase practice efficiency, improve patient care, enhance practice image, and ultimately boost the flow of clients into your practice.

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