Rapport Client Communications

The only complete client communications solution that integrates with AVImark
for improved patient care, practice image, and profitability.

Today’s pet owners are savvier than ever. Providing great care isn’t enough to improve compliance and increase patient visits. Effectively marketing your veterinary hospital and establishing rapport with your clients is vital.

The Rapport suite of client communications tools can help you achieve your goals – increasing staff efficiency, effectively marketing and growing your practice, and bringing more pet owners through your door while developing lasting relationships with clients.

“Rapport’s ability to integrate with AVImark is huge. There are other systems out there that are similar to Rapport, but without that integration, it actually causes more work for my staff.”

Craig Buffington, DVM, Stonebrook Veterinary Clinic, Frisco, TX

Rapport is the only client communication solution developed and supported by AVImark with two-way integration with your AVImark software. It contains all the tools you need, working together for best results:

  • Online scheduling that syncs with your AVImark appointment calendar, allowing clients to book appointments anytime, from anywhere.
  • Professional, mobile-friendly websites with client education tools, symptom checkers, social media integration, and SEO.
  • Automated text, email, voice messaging, postcards and marketing campaigns that boost compliance
  • Reviews and surveys to manage your online reputation
  • Mobile applications that allow you to manage your business anytime, anywhere
  • Pet I.D. cards that serve as a constant reminder of your practice


Professional, Mobile-Friendly Veterinary Websites

Nearly 90% of pet owners will research your clinic’s website before making their first appointment. Your online impression is crucial in today’s technology-centric society. Rapport websites give your clinic a great first impression and provide weekly newsletters, blog posts, and client education material to keep clients coming back.

Rapport’s website designs are modern, professional, customizable, and responsive, meaning they look great on any device, whether computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Online Scheduling

It is a timely task to schedule appointments, leave messages, schedule call backs and confirm appointments. More time spent on the phone means less time spent with clients who are already in the clinic. With Rapport’s online appointment scheduler, clients can book appointments without having to call the office, even after hours.

You control which appointments are available, and your clients select their preferred dates and times.  Rapport instantly records the new appointments in your AVImark appointment calendar and sends automated confirmations by text or email. This allows your staff to spend less time scheduling appointments and more time taking care of clients.

Pet I.D. Cards

Pet I.D. cards serve as a constant reminder of your practice and provide important pet health information at a glance, such as allergies, micro-chip numbers, and vaccination schedules. They also expedite the check-in process, encourage referrals, and keep your clinic information readily available in case of emergencies. Once set up, they are generated for clients automatically, with no work on your part.

Automated Text, Email, Postcards, and Voice Messaging

Pet owners want convenience and speed to accommodate their busy schedules. Rapport allows you to set up automated reminders via email, text, and automated phone call, depending on your clients’ preferences. Clients can respond to you in the way that is most convenient to them, and their responses automatically update your AVImark software.

For even better results, combine our text, email, and voice messages with Rapport’s high-quality postcard reminders for an effective multi-media approach. Automated postcards are easy to send through Rapport, and when combined with automated text and email reminders, can double your compliance.

Surveys and Reviews

While nearly 90% of potential clients will research your practice website before scheduling their first appointment, over half of them will also be looking at your clinic’s online reviews and ratings. Rapport’s reputation management tools allow you to send automated client satisfaction surveys, get immediate feedback, and display client testimonials on your website.

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Establishing Rapport with your clients can increase practice efficiency, improve patient care, enhance practice image, and ultimately boost the flow of clients into your practice.

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