AVImark Veterinary Software

Designed to help your practice reach its greatest potential.

Why AVImark?

  • AVImark is the best-selling veterinary software today, with more than 10,000 customers worldwide.
  • Its cloud-hybrid approach offers the security of storing your data in your practice, with the ease and convenience of the cloud.
  • It’s quick to install and easy to use. All the information for each client or patient can be viewed on one screen.
  • It offers advanced features that support paperless practices and save you time and money.
  • It grows with your practice without charging for additional seat licenses.
  • It integrates with more than 50 leading vendors, so you can work seamlessly with the suppliers you choose.
  • It’s backed by reliable tech support that’s there when you need it, as well as multiple training options to fit any budget.

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Product Features

Robust and powerful, AVImark offers advanced features to save you time and money.


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Hardware Requirements

Robust software like ours requires robust hardware.


More than 50 integration partners let you work with the vendors you choose.