End of Year Planning

End of Year Planning and FAQ’s

Do you have questions about End of Year Planning? We have answers! We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked End of Year questions from the past two year. Here are a few of those questions:

Q: Which Reports do i need to print at the End of Year?

A: When printing reports at the end of the year, it will not be necessary to print on the last day of the year, as AVImark will allow you to print reports for any period at any time.

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 How do I make Account Adjustments/Write Offs?

A: Use the Account Adjustments in AVImark when you need to modify a client’s balance but there are no monetary transactions taking place. One example would be Write Offs.

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 How do I print all of last year’s invoices for a client?

A: Open the Client’s File on the Client Information Display. Select to open the Clients Accounting window.

From the Print menu, select History. This will allow you to print an accounting history for this client for the time frame selected.

 How do I pull a list of my Inactive Clients?

A: This search will help you find all clients that have not been in your clinic for a selected period of time so that they can mark the clients inactive. Most clinics run this search for either a 2-or-3 year period. You can make it for any time frame you wish.

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