Marketing your practice to millennials


Make your marketing appeal to millennials

To keep your veterinary practice thriving, you need a marketing strategy that attracts millennial pet owners. Studies have shown that this massive group of consumers does not respond to traditional advertising or make purchasing decisions in the same way as their predecessors. So what do you need to do to make them clients?

First, let’s understand how millennials shop and respond:

  • Millennials expect to spend more on pet care than previous generations and are more willing to pay premiums for the most innovative veterinary care.
  • Millennials like to try the latest technology and new products/services.
  • Millennials like customization.
  • Millennials are highly likely to use social media to connect with brands, research products and services, and read and post review and ratings.
  • Millennials choose brands and companies that engage them with highly targeted content.

Rapport can help you engage millennial pet owners and increase efficiency within the practice by offering mobility and convenience.

Rapport offers mobile apps for both you and your clients, integrated with your ImproMed software. You can easily schedule appointments, view pet medical records, contact clients or send mass messages anytime, from anywhere. Your clients can also schedule appointments, view their pet’s health records, refill prescriptions, and more.

Rapport’s online scheduling lets your customers schedule appointments online, anytime, from any device! You retain complete control of your appointment calendar and only post appointment options that are available. Appointment confirmations feed directly back into your ImproMed calendar, so there’s no manual work for your staff.

Rapport’s reputation management tools allow you to send automated client satisfaction surveys, get immediate feedback, and display client testimonials on your website or social media site. You can even invite your clients to share positive reviews on their social media sites, for increased exposure for your practice.

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