December Tip of the Month

The information you need for year-end preparation is right at your fingertips.
When the program is opened for the first time at the beginning of a new year,
AVImark will prompt you to print the Inventory Report.

What the prompt looks like:

Inventory Report prompt

There are many different options when printing:

Inventory Report window

AVImark will continue to prompt until it recognizes that the report has been
printed – it will not be recognized as printed if you preview print the report.
If you do not want to actually print the report, you can choose Excel, PDF
printer, or XPS document writer as the printer – this will prompt you to save
the file to your computer instead of actually printing it. To make it “print”
faster, it can be printed for just one category and AVImark will still recognize
it as being printed.

This prompt will default to showing up the first time AVImark is opened on
January 1st of each year; however, if your fiscal year starts on a different
date and you want to be prompted to run the inventory report for that date,
you can change this setting in the advanced options of Hospital Setup.

Options Maintenance window

**This is a real-time report. If you do not print/save a copy of this report when
prompted at the very beginning of the year/fiscal year, there is no way to go
back and see exactly what your inventory counts were at that point in time
(unless you have a backup from December 31st of the prior year.)


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